Complete Network Management and Design Software

Comprehensive Telecom Network Management System

CircuitVision cvNetwork is a complete network management tool that allows you to plan, design, implement and document the full breadth of your inside plant network from a single application. This is the perfect tool for managing any network topology.

This telecom network management software allows you to retrieve the order, design the service, track the workflow during installation, maintain network inventory, groom and design networks, and extract data with robust reporting. Functional areas include:

  • Equipment inventory
  • Core network design
  • Asset management
  • Order management
  • Circuit and service design
  • Engineering workflow
  • Capacity management
  • Network grooming

More About CircuitVision cvNetwork Capabilities

cvNetwork is a robust system that provides the ability to inventory network assets, design circuits and transport facilities, and manage customer service orders. cvNetwork is fully integrated with our cvFiber (OSP) and cvTicket (event management) software products, and seamlessly shares network information on demand.

Network Equipment and Resource Inventory.

Easily document equipment, product catalogs and service inventory with accuracy and complete data integrity. The cvNetwork inventory system keeps track of both physical and logical objects.

Service Inventory.

cvNetwork supports the provisioning of a wide range of services, from legacy Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) to Metro Ethernet, OTN, MPLS, and WDM related services, and many more.

Circuit Design.

cvNetwork allows the design of circuits and assignment to network equipment and transport facilities. Listings of spares and available bandwidth bolster the design phase.

Ordering and Workflow.

cvNetwork’s customizable workflow allows you to track Service Order Requests through the lifecycle — from customer request to final design, testing and turn-up. The workflow supports work in the field as well as in the office and sends e-mail notifications at customizable trigger points.


cvNetwork includes numerous built-in, web-based reports, from specialized reports for the Network Operations Center (NOC) to sales reports. Each report offers many filtering options and may be used as a B2B integration point throughout our web reporting services. Reports can be exported into Excel, CSV and PDF formats.

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