cvFiber is an Outside Plant management application that integrates Fiber Cables, Conduits, Buildings, Poles, Splice Trays, and more into a geospatial web application so that users can accurately view and analyze data in a map-like environment

  • Design and Manage Outside Plant Fiber Networks, complete with engineering calculations such as: path loss, path length and optical length
  • Detailed modeling of fiber cable, conduits, slack-loops and other OSP Components such as: cabinets, splice-points, manholes, hand-holes, poles, and towers
  • Simplified Splicing with easy graphical splicing views
  • Create custom OSP equipment configurations for splitters, couplers, repeaters, etc.
  • Fiber To The X (FTTx): Add GPON equipment (splitters/couplers), provide Fiber to the whole neighborhood with a single transaction. Import of Parcels, 'Drop Cable' to all houses. Trace a path through the splitters tree all teh way to the OLT
  • Build Fiber Distribution Panels (FDPs) and terminate cable strands to enable the tracking of service hierarchy for fiber cut, maintenance, change management, and reporting
  • Features for planning and design such as: data from local businesses to plan routes, auto-routing cable paths, and Google street view integration
  • Automatically generate multiple paths between points/address on the map, routing on existing cable and create new splices. Pick the number of strands required, request Diversity, Exclude certain Cables and/or Splice Points.
  • Workspaces feature allows users to organize and bookmark new plans and designs by project or area
  • Trace the path of a cable strand from end to end on the map
  • Multiple map options (esri ArcGIS, Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc)
  • Search the map using name, address, coordinates, and intersections
  • Manage IRU, Dark and Lit fiber services, Fiber Rings, Fiber segments, leasing, and ownership down to the strand level
  • Outage reporting, ticketing and bulk customer notifications with integration with cvTicket ticketing system
  • Integrated with cvNetwork to provide networks, circuit designs, utilization, and association with service orders

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