Workflow — Que™ Manager

The Que™ Manager is a fully featured workflow designed to guide the tasks of the Service Order and to track critical dates.

CircuitVision manages the work phases involved in the provisioning process by queuing work assignments to appropriate work groups, monitoring critical dates in the life cycle of the order, integrating supplements to existing orders, warning of Jeopardies, reporting bottlenecks, and by providing reports on workload for labor forecasting. The workflow automatically sends e-mail and/or text notification as well as functioning as an integration point with other applications.

The workflow understands tasks specific to the telecommunications business process, such as Design, Installation, Billing Start Date, Wiring, Plant test date, vendor meet, and more, and provides feedback and actions accordingly.

Multiple predefined workflows / Que templates can be configured to streamline the business processes for individual Products.

The Que template offers an abundance of options including; prerequisite and/or parallel activities, Sleeping Ques which are awaken automatically by the application based on preset rules, Floating Ques which can be completed at any time and will not hold the progress of the provisioning, SubQues which are subordinate to a master Que i.e. multiple groups are installing in multiple locations at the same time, assignment of certain phases to specific Work groups or individuals based on business rules.

Once attached to an order, the due dates for each phase are automatically calculated based on intervals defined in the Que template, Jeopardy/why miss codes are maintained and reported.

The work moves through the Ques automatically based on previous completed work and Notifications are sent to assigned resources when work drops into their bucket. Supervisors have the option to assign/un-assign work based on availability and to measure performance and discover bottlenecks.

FieldOps users have the ability to view their assigned work at a chosen site/location; to view the Install Doc, to view a complete design layout, to view details of the Service Order and/or Engineering Order, to add notes to the order, to ReQue (send back) their work with a memo identifying the reason, and to complete their Que which will keep the process moving to the next phase automatically. FieldOps is given these options with the goal of keeping provisioning documented designs close to "As Built".

Labor forecasting is made easy with reporting capabilities of work Ready in the Que or work that will become ready filtered by a date range of when work is expected to be done.

Notifications can be sent for each step in the workflow to publish Alerts, to announce that work became Ready, and to notify that work is late or completed. All notifications are based on preset rules built into the workflow by users.

Integration is easily accomplished through the workflow steps. The Que phases function as trigger events to Interface with other applications with the ability to send data, publish completions, and to receive updates.