cvNetwork is a robust system that will provide you with the ability to maintain your equipment assets, to design circuits and facilities, and to manage service orders. cvNetwork is fully integrated with cvFiber (OSP) and with cvTicket (event management), and seamlessly shares network information on demand.

Inventory - Network Resources
  • Physical – node, cabinet, distribution panels, passive components at a site (POP, CO, Co-location, Data-center, remote)
  • Logical – ports with assignable capacities, bandwidth, wavelengths, OTN hierarchy
  • Network protocols and topologies – Ethernet, MPLS, WDM, OTN, SONET, TDM, PSTN, wireless backhaul, microwave radio
  • Transport facilities, capacities planning, assignment, reporting
  • Model driven with a comprehensive model library
  • Grooming – insert / delete / move node
Service Inventory
  • Ethernet – EPL, EVPL, E-LAN, EV-LAN, E-Tree, EV-Tree, Access EVPL, 10G Wave
  • Layer-2/3 VPNs, VPLS services
  • DWDM, CWDM, PON, xDSL and Traditional TDM, SONET
Ordering, Workflow & Provisioning
  • Qtek workflow is user configurable to streamline your business process
  • Define Product & Service catalog
  • Create Customer Service orders or drop them in from another CRM using APIs
  • Check capacity, design & assign to network inventory
  • Circuit Provisioning and Critical Date Tracking
  • Track & assign to workgroups or individuals
  • Critical date tracking and real-time status for all steps in service delivery
  • Proprietary Que processing intelligently moves orders to individuals or workgroups
  • Schedules and dates are automatically calculated based upon user defined intervals

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