cvTicket is an event management system that documents and plans change management, trouble ticket resolution, and customer communication. Features such as Bulk Notifications, customizable Escalation Schedules, E-mail Triage and a host of others, promote shorter downtimes, organized projects, and satisfied customers.

Grouped tickets help users act quickly and organize tickets. cvTicket saves time by allowing users to respond to outages and quickly send notifications to customers on outages due to events or planned maintenance. Users can Organize tickets by categories and by service centers, such as NOC, Helpdesk, Customer Service, Sales, etc. Tickets have many data elements attached to them, including a detailed history, files, schedules, a contact list. cvTicket can Group Related Tickets and designate one of them as a master ticket for the group. Actions such as sending notifications can be performed for each ticket of the group simultaneously.

Functions such as Bulk Notifications and E-mail Management simplify notifications, alerts and communications with customers. cvTicket sends Bulk Notifications for network trouble or maintenance affecting multiple customers. Bulk notifications can be used to send an e-mail to all affected customers with a single click. E-mails are customized for each customer to list out exactly which of their circuits are impacted. E-mail Triage manages communications by sending and receiving customer e-mails, including image insertions and document attachments. E-mail templates can be defined for a variety of situations to allow for custom formatting and logos. Contact lists are saved to the ticket for future e-mails. A MailFetch process automatically receives e-mail replies and attaches them to the appropriate ticket. New e-mails can be used to create tickets.

Additionally, we offer a Built-In Customer Portal that allows external users to access a restricted view of the ticketing system. They may create their own tickets, view status, add memos, and share files through the web interface. cvTicket also has real-time connectivity integration with third-party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for getting customer information when creating a ticket.

The Integration between our ticketing solution and the Network also promotes communication within your NOC or internal team. Starting with a Seamless integration with cvNetwork Inventory that exposes network data for real-time viewing, users can find Network Equipment, Circuits, and Facilities and attach them to a trouble or maintenance ticket. Users can see the usage from WDM to DS0 and get the customer contact information for those circuits. This integration allows users to Create Network Tickets automatically for each node on the network using a pre-defined data template. Network tickets are automatically grouped together, so that they may be managed from a central location.

Escalation schedules, Pings and an Integrated Calendar make managing tickets a breeze by actively notifying and alerting your team on ticket resolution progress so no tickets are forgotten. Escalation schedules are defined to send automatic notifications for problems which are not resolved within a given timeframe. Additionally, a Ping Schedule can be configured to send periodic reminders that a ticket is still open, so that a customer is never left waiting for a response. Integrated Calendar allows viewing all proposed/approved activities, completed activities, reminders, and backup dates. Data can be exported to Outlook or Excel.

Monitoring the performance of your ticket resolution is critical to improving customer service and trouble management. Multiple Dashboards are built in to provide a quick overview depending on job role. The Manager dashboard combines the most common report data into a single screen, providing a large picture overview. The Employee dashboard filters tickets automatically so they can focus on the tickets that are important to them. cvTicket also automatically calculates MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) based on the history of activity on each ticket and summarized by multiple filters to show group performance.