A substantial number and variety of reports are available to inform multiple departments in your organization such as Engineering, Billing, Access leasing, Project and Order management, Sales, Field Operations, and more.

Use our reports to help you manage your internal network to leverage your inventory as Asset with accurate Capacity Utilization, and to Optimize your network and manage your transition from Lease to Own.

Our webReports application is friendly, accessible, and easy to use; Launch reports via Browser, Reports can be called using a service to extract as CSV to be sent as a data source to another application, choose to render reports as PDF or extract as XLSX files.

Here are some representative reports:


  • Billing Reconciliation for Revenues as well as Leased Cost


  • Bandwidth Capacity and port utilization
  • EVC (Customer)
  • Power Consumption


  • Ports Available
  • Ethernet Transport Available
  • Facilities Transport Available
  • Threshold reports for consumption of network elements

Trouble and Change Management

  • Bulk notifications to customers for impacted circuits during Trouble or Maintenance activities
  • Manage Maintenance activities on a Calendar
  • View Netowrk Hierarchy in all its layers
  • View Circuit Path Traces


  • Workflow Inquiry into Jeopardies, performance, bottle necks, work assignments due, and more
  • Service Orders summarized by Product, Customer, and by date range
  • Circuit Orders; use your choice of circuit data as search filters
  • Circuit Design Layout (CLR / DLR)
  • Available transport Facilities
  • Channelized Facility Usage
  • CFA summary by customer/provider/internal use
  • Facility Spares
  • Circuits terminating at a specific site
  • Trunk Group
  • Trunk Assignments


  • Installed Equipment
  • Spare Ports
  • All circuits traversing a Node or Terminating at a specific site
  • All assigned Circuits and Fiber wired to a PDF/FPP
  • Rack Face drawing and usage information
  • Spare Rack/Frame mounting positions