Order Management

CircuitVision maintains and tracks customer Service Orders from initial entry to completion as well as maintaining internal Engineering Network Orders in support of the network build and grooming, all the while keeping a complete audit trail of all tasks performed.

A single order can support multiple circuits, and a single circuit can have multiple pending issues. Partial completion of services within a single order is supported without having to split the original order.

CircuitVision manages the work phases involved in the provisioning process by: queuing work assignments to appropriate work groups, monitoring critical dates in the life cycle of the order, integrating supplements to existing orders, warning of Jeopardies, reporting bottlenecks, and providing reports on workload for labor forecasting. The workflow supporting the business process includes e-mail and/or text notification capabilities for each phase. The workflow events function as integration point with other applications. (see Workflow)

Naming conventions are “user defined” and promote the creation of standards for the enterprise to follow. Configurations include the definition of a Product and Service Catalogue, Order Types, option to auto generate order numbers and Service IDs, and the maintenance of a list of customers, vendors, and their contact information.

OffNet facility segments and their “Lease Cost” can be documented as Access Service Requests (ASOG standard supported) and become an integrated part of the order and the circuit design. Lease Cost is maintained for each ASR and a reconciliation report by Provider is generated to include detail of billable services, date start and end, and terms.

Revenue data is kept with the customer order and a reconciliation report can be generated to detail the customer, associated services, and specific service billing data.

The Order Manager is open for Integration via webServices; receive new orders from a CRM (or any other application), receive Supplements, Cancellation, Expedites, and completions, process updates to customer/vendor library, publish status changes and more.