Equipment Assets and Core Network Inventory

The application maintains an inventory of Physical Equipment such as Frames/Bays/Racks, Shelves/nodes, cabinets, distribution panels, passive components at a site (POP, CO, Co-location, Data-center, remote, Towers), and Logical Equipment ports with assignable capacities, bandwidth, wavelengths, OTN hierarchy, and more.

Guided by a library of equipment models, it is easy to build a frame with mounting positions or a node fully equipped with plug-in modules and baby cards. The ability to copy complete racks facilitates a quick build of common equipment. The modeling of the logical ports drives the build of edge Network protocols and topologies such as Ethernet, MPLS, WDM, OTN, SONET, TDM, PSTN, wireless backhaul, and microwave radio.

Grooming is simplified with special Insert, Delete, and Move functions where the application creates the necessary change/disconnect orders and updates the layers of the network hierarchy and assigned ports as affected by node insertion or deletion.

Services such as Ethernet – EPL, EVPL, E-LAN, EV-LAN, E-Tree, EV-Tree, Access EVPL, 10G Wave, Layer-2/3 VPNs, VPLS services, DWDM, CWDM, PON, xDSL and Traditional TDM, SONET are provided over the core network.

Circuit routing, design, and assignment are aided by Spares lists as well as many other network reports.

Optimizing and Managing the network is made easy with Capacity reports and Planning reports designed to highlight low threshold, oversubscribed consumption, and to help transition from lease to own.

Circuit Path traces, Network and Ring drawings provide a visual representation for the installers and a circuit drawing is included in the installation document.