Fiber Management

cvFiber is a geospatial web application that maps, manages and designs fiber optic networks and infrastructure so that users can accurately view, analyze and create data in a map environment.

Multiple geospatial mapping options (Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc) and detailed modeling of OSP objects (cable, conduits, slack‐loops, and other OSP Components such as cabinets, splice‐points, manholes, hand‐holes, poles, towers) allow users to precisely manage their network all the way to the strand level. The Fiber solution is more than just lines on a map and holds many data points.

Graphical splicing & splicing cross‐section views make creating and managing splice data simple and easy. Users can splice buffer tube to buffer tube, strand to strand, and butt splice two cables. The splicing view represents the buffer tubes and strands using the TIA-598C color codes defined for the fiber cable model. cvFiber also simplifies operations for fiber ring‐cuts and mid‐sheath access with automation and user friendly tools. Users can perform a fiber ring cut for mid-span access and splice the strands in a single step.

Fiber cable models, including buffer and strand details, can be created by users using the TIA-598C color code specification. Information such as Cable Type, Strength, Application, Environment, Fiber Class and Type, and other metadata can be specified based on manufacturer’s specifications.

The built-in Measuring Tool calculates distance between Outside Plant Network Object and map objects, such as roads, rivers, etc. to allow for accurately placing the user’s Conduit, Fiber, Manhole, etc. on the map. cvFiber is also capable of engineering calculations such as path loss, path length, and optical length. These calculations allow users to pinpoint fiber cuts on a map using data from OTDR readings.

IRU, Dark and Lit fiber services, Fiber Rings, Fiber segments, leasing, and ownership down to the strand level are all managed in cvFiber. With Fiber Rings, users can track additional information such as Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC), Non-Recurring Charge (NRC), scheduled and actual start and end dates.

cvFiber is integrated with our Network Inventory to provide FDP assignment, circuit designs, and utilization to follow fiber all the way to the Network. cvFiber is not just a geospatial representation, it is an integrated, data rich, OSP management system.