Circuit Design

Circuits and Facilities are created once an order is placed, screened, and scheduled. Circuit ID’s are automatically generated based on predefined rules and the end locations are designed into the layout. The design is completed by assigning equipment and routing the circuit over transport facilities. Channelized facility links are nailed down and assigned at each end termination.

Spares lists are available during the assignment process to aide in a quick identification of available network objects and available capacity. Service and design specification such as CIR, VLAN, CE-VLANs, IP addresses are added to the circuit during the design phase.

Install Docs, CLRs/DLRs can be generated for the field operations groups on demand and attached to the circuit order. The documents are exposed to the NOC together with circuit drawing when Trouble occurs.

CircuitVision tracks circuits in multiple states; Pending, Working, and Archived, and in multiple actions; Add, Change, and Disconnect. Plan ahead with multiple Pending issues of a circuits which are supported and incremented automatically, tools such as ‘copy design’ make creating new designs quick and easy. Circuit data is never lost, the completion of a pending issue moves it to a Working state and the previous Working one is archived. Historical circuit order data and design are stored and available for viewing until purged by the application administrator.

The workflow guides the Circuit Design process as individuals are directed to work their assigned queued tasks, as each activity is completed the next one becomes ready for the next group or individual to work, completions are easily done from within the design function.

Capacity not available for provisioning a customer service? Shell out an under- construction engineering order. The two orders are bound together on the original order and are co-dependent on each other’s workflow.

Reservation functions are available to hold network Equipment and Facilities when planning future builds.

Interfaces to other OSS functions are available through our APIs -Webservices.