BSS integration – The ultimate streamline for the Billing process

CircuitVision interfaces with CRM / BSS via WebServices APIs.

To coordinate with your Billing Vendor or your own Billing Software, we share Network and Customer Service data to enable a smooth handshake with your Billing operation and expose data to your Billing users without the need of a swivel chair nor redundant data entry.

A behind the scene sharing of the engineering design of the customer’s order with Billing ensures that the customer is billed properly. Billing staff may view ALL customer services, including the provisioning details at will, to verify and reconcile the data.

CircuitVision is proud to advertise an Out-of-the-Box interface with Northflow’s SuiteSolution. This integration is proven to be a time and resource savings for our customers, in addition to the enormous, and sometimes unquantified, value of quality of service that your customers will appreciate.

Northflow Solutions    SuiteSolution® is a Billing and customer management software.

Northflow has a long history of delivering quality software and superior customer service. They provide software and services to Service Providers ILECs/CLECs/Cooperatives, Regional Broadband Service Providers and Wireless Service Providers.